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Spencer Private Wealth is a boutique financial planning practice that is owned and operated by Gary Spencer. Gary established Spencer Private Wealth with the vision of helping individuals, families and business owners achieve their lifestyle goals and improve their financial position by offering comprehensive financial planning advice and disciplined and ongoing investment management. The personalised services available include needs based coaching and financial education tailored to the clients’ personal objectives, whilst also applying the latest academic, market and legislative research.

Investment portfolio advice and planning favours academic evidence over market speculation – with a focus on achieving a reliable investment experience, efficient portfolio management, high quality portfolio administration, low fees, and disciplined portfolio review techniques.

As a family owned and run practice without ties to any financial institutions or product providers, we put our clients first - giving them the greatest potential for financial success. We are licensed through the privately owned FYG Planners Group which has over $1 billion in funds under advice.

meet the team

Gary Spencer   B.Comm CFP CA TEP    Director & Principal Advisor

Gary Spencer
Director & Principal Advisor


Gary has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, and has worked with a number of leading financial institutions throughout Australia and the UK in areas of financial planning, funds management, accounting, taxation, stockbroking and wealth management.

Having extensively studied the fields of business, accounting, law and finance, Gary is able to offer holistic advice.  His qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Certified Financial Planner

  • Chartered Accountant (Financial Planning Specialist)

  • Certified Trustee & Estate Practitioner (TEP)

During his time in the industry, Gary has gained specific and extensive experience in financial planning, personal risk insurance, estate planning, superannuation, fund management and investment advisory services. This was recognised in 2014 when he won the Charter Value of Advice Award.

Gary is married to Karen and they have 3 children. They live on the North Shore of Sydney.

Gary is passionate about rugby union, and about supporting families who are doing it tough (particularly those families who are caring for family members with special needs, through his website www.spectrumplanning.com.au).

Angela Aspinall   AdDipFinPlanning   Client Relationship Manager

Angela Aspinall
Client Relationship Manager


As Spencer Private Wealth’s Client Relationship Manager, Angela is responsible for overseeing client services to ensure the delivery of an exceptional service.

Angela brings over ten years of experience in the financial services industry, as well as a genuine passion for keeping the clients’ best interests at heart, as she manages many critical details of their service ‘behind-the scenes’.

Angela holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and is currently completing her Masters in Financial Planning.

Salang Kim   BAppFin DipFinPlanning   Client Service Assistant

Salang Kim
BAppFin DipFinPlanning
Client Service Assistant


As Spencer Private Wealth’s Client Service Assistant, Salang is responsible for much of the administration work that is required to bring the highest level of service to our clients.

 Salang holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and Bachelor of Applied Finance, and brings with her a wealth of experience in boutique financial planning businesses. She took on this role with a genuine desire to help people to manage their finances and live in line with their values.

Anam Aziz   BAppFin AdDipFinPlanning   Paraplanning Manager

Anam Aziz
BAppFin AdDipFinPlanning
Paraplanning Manager


Anam is our dedicated Paraplanner, bringing to the company extensive experience working as a paraplanner and managing teams of paraplanners across large dealer groups and independent advice firms.

He holds a degree in Business Applied Finance and prides himself on his attention to detail and knowledge of compliance and technical strategies. Anam's most recent role prior to Spencer Private Wealth was as the Paraplanning Manager at PSK Financial Services, where he worked closely with Gary.

Sarah Walls   BSc (Hons) (Economics and Accounting) CA   Operations Manager

Sarah Walls
BSc (Hons) (Economics and Accounting) CA
Operations Manager


As Spencer Private Wealth’s Operation Manager, Sarah is responsible for overseeing the processes in our company, ensuring that our services are delivered with the utmost of care and efficiency.

Sarah is a Chartered Accountant and brings over twenty years of experience in the field, as well as a genuine talent for organisation and ensuring timely completion of work.

She has previously worked in the UK and Australia for leading accounting firms such as Ernst and Young, PKF and BDO. Her operational experience includes roles ranging from Chief Operating Officer of a mid tier law firm in the UK, and working as accountant preparing personal tax returns in Australia.

Karen Spencer   BA (ModAsianStudies)   Communications Manager

Karen Spencer
BA (ModAsianStudies)
Communications Manager


Karen has enjoyed her role of developing our corporate identity and overseeing our IT and e-mail system, as well as our website.

She is also responsible for ensuring that our communications with our clients are of a high standard, and for supporting the team to ensure that all aspects of the client experience are as seamless as possible.

Karen has worked as an editor and as a programme coordinator for many years.

Scott Johnston   BA (Mil) DipFP MBA   External Consultant

Scott Johnston BA (Mil) DipFP MBA External Consultant


Scott Johnston has for over 25 years helped clients achieve financial independence so that work becomes optional.  He coordinates and overseas all aspects of his clients finances so that each client can achieve what is really important to them and their families. 

Scott and Gary have worked together for many years and are dedicated to best practice and continually improving their client centric approach to personal financial planning.



Spencer Private Wealth has a special interest in helping families who have members with special needs. Advisor Gary Spencer has first-hand experience, having a very close family member with ASD. He knows that families often find themselves snowed under with conflicting information and a myriad of different therapy options. They feel an urgency to get started on early intervention, yet they have to spend time navigating their way through the funding options provided by Centrelink, the Department of Social Services and Medicare, as well as their own private health fund.

Gary’s goal is to use his first-hand experience, along with his professional knowledge and skills, to reduce the stress of other families and to help them to regain a sense of control in the journey with their child and ASD, which we know can be unpredictable in so many ways. He believes every person’s situation can be improved with the right resources and careful life planning and financial planning.

For further information, please see the following link: www.spectrumplanning.com.au