Our Advice Process

There’s often confusion about what a financial planner does.  Usually this is because it’s not just one thing, but an amalgam of several steps, and it comprises various areas like insurance or investing. Some areas are larger and better known than others, but every step and every area holds importance. At Spencer Private Wealth we want you to understand those steps and why they happen. This is our process:


Your financial journey

The Spencer Private Wealth Difference

Spencer Private Wealth helps people plan, invest and protect their wealth. Without ties to any financial institutions, we proudly offer financial advice that puts our clients first.

Not All Financial Planners Are The Same

As many investors have found out in recent years, biggest isn’t always best. A large financial institution with a high profile may signify safety and security, but in reality there’s only one connection between your financial position and the financial security of that institution – their large profits are underpinned by the fees you pay.

A bank, for instance, is vertically integrated. A financial planner in a bank branch is usually a salesperson for insurance and financial products designed and owned by that bank. The financial planner derives a commission from putting a client into bank insurance and managed funds. And often the management fees on those products are higher than many others available.

The bank’s financial planner wins because he gets the commission and the bank wins because the client is pushed into the bank’s own higher fee products.

Unfortunately, it’s the client who loses.

Spencer Private Wealth financial planners aren’t institutional financial planners with sales targets to meet. We don’t exist to sell you products or to push specific funds or investments.

The Spencer Private Wealth Difference

Your Situation

Our clients are complex individuals with different values, goals, incomes and lifestyles. They are often busy people. Some are employees, some employers, some are full-time parents, some are using their talents to create beautiful books and works of art, and some are retired.  All our clients, however, share something in common - they have chosen to delegate the management of their finances to us so that they can focus on what is really important to them in their lives.

Spencer Private Wealth will help identify ways to maximise the benefits from your existing financial resources. We have extensive experience in the following:

  • Investments (Reliable Asset Class Investing)
  • Advice on Ownership Structures
  • Wealth Accumulation Planning
  • Risk Review and Risk Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Continuation Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxation Matters
  • Government Benefits (eg. Centrelink)
  • Salary Packaging
  • Saving and Budgeting Disciplines
  • Finance and Debt Management


Planning for future includes planning for the legacy you leave behind. Good estate planning doesn’t leave room for chance -  it ensures your wishes are carried out and maintains clarity for your loved ones in a time of loss.

A well planned estate will minimise taxes, while maximising returns to your desired beneficiaries. Your planning choice will ensure a legacy of competence, control and distribution of assets in a timely manner. Our estate planning service gives you peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are being managed effectively.

Our estate planning services involve:

  • Identifying estate goals and objectives
  • Identifying your preferred/most competent executor
  • Helping understand your likely estate taxes
  • Reviewing existing wills and powers of attorney
  • Liaising with your preferred solicitor or trustee company to have your will and power of attorney drafted
  • Reviewing the drafts to ensure appropriateness
  • Checking the completed documents

Self Managed Super Fund

Are you thinking about a self managed super fund or SMSF? We can help, we have the answers to your SMSF questions and can provide the appropriate SMSF solution tailored to you.

What is an SMSF?

A SMSF is a self managed super fund, which allows you to manage your own retirement savings.

Things to consider:

  1. Do you have enough time, knowledge and skills to manage your own super and to meet your legal and other obligations?
  2. Do you need the additional benefits an SMSF can provide?
  3. Do you have enough super to make an SMSF cost-effective?

What are the potential benefits of a SMSF?

  1. More investment control
  2. More investment choice
  3. One fund for the family
  4. Ability to borrow to make larger investments
  5. Potential tax savings
  6. Greater estate planning certainty and flexibility

Steps to starting a SMSF

  1. Choose a trustee structure
  2. Obtain a trust deed
  3. Sign trustee declarations
  4. Register with the ATO
  5. Open a bank account
  6. Record members’ TFNs
  7. Prepare an investment strategy
  8. Accept contributions and rollovers
  9. Plan for the future
  10. Appoint professionals

How can Spencer Private Wealth Help?

We can offer guidance and help if you need it.

  1. Is an SMSF right for you or your family?
  2. Getting the set-up right.
  3. Ensuring compliance with investment, insurance and ongoing obligations.
  4. Making the most of your SMSF.
  5. Understanding alternative investments.
  6. Retirement Planning.
  7. Estate planning considerations.